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To See or Not To See

Mediocre media meddlesome and controlling

internet savagery savvy with its mastery

solicited salacious slander

slit tongue in cheek

sneaky in delivery

slippery innuendos

wet with wry wit

Don’t pardon the pundits

how dumb can someone be

in finding fun

from 15 minutes of infamy

the cost to be a hot commodity

comes with serious third degree burns  

caused by a furnace fueled by hell’s fire

so quick to tell sinister crossroad demons 

all your heart’s desire

then offering your soul 

in exchange for earthly riches

and unforgivably forgetting 

the most obvious truth

the devil’s a liar

So what now is your fantasy

your plan to be

more than you can possibly


in one lifetime 

many minds fail to see

the sweet simplicity 

of this tried and true maxim:

Live your own life 

and not vicariously 

through others

whose only reality

is what’s contrived

by dimwits and charlatans 

nonsense writers and conspiring actors

in debt to hedonistic pursuits

parlayed into profiting off of 

ignorance displayed on tv 

or across movie screens

where we are pushed to the limits

of moral bankruptcy in a society 

catering to anxiety and animus 

as though any sense of direction is scoffed at

like it’s a barrier against self-expression

and our only self-defense mechanism

is not to willingly and blindly 

give in to this superficial system

So turn off the radios and ipods

put the android phones and ipads down

let your mind go


as a matter of fact 

turn off the internet 

after you finish reading this


then reflect internally

if not for an extended time

then for a brief moment

at least a few times a week

and engage in an internal dialogue

on what it means to live 

as a human 

being …

essentially, life is 

our responsibility

the will and the way

to see or not to see 

on what it means to ‘be’ 

your self.

Religious Relevance?

I’m not religious at all, however, it’s my belief that religion is necessary for some people. They may or may not see that the underlying reality that manifests from all world religions is the concept of The All or oneness. Though branched out in many divergent directions, they all share the same root back to the original source of creation. All roads lead back to the same place, yet people choose the route that they deem more suitable and conducive to deal with the various intricacies of life. 

Whether Eastern or Western ideologies, the core values delve into creating either an anthropomorphic pantheon, single omnipotent entity, or a centralizing idea of self-realization/awareness as the end all be all. Even totemism and animism demonstrate an affinity to familiarize the unknowable and unseen into a tangible and palatable world view. Of course, I’m overly generalizing, but often times that’s in itself is the point when it comes to religious perspectives. 

Perhaps the stories found in various religious scriptures are based on real events that became myths over time, but it still lies in the realm of myth making passed down through generations in order to grasp the intangibles of life. When this formerly oral tradition became written down, that’s when the myths became consolidated, stringently edited and utilized for wielding all-encompassing control over the masses i.e. what Constantine allowed to take place at the Nicean Council in 325 AD. 

Dogmatic views help people to simplify the complex which really ties into more complacency in critical thinking than the inability to perceive beyond what’s conveniently placed right before them. It’s the ultimate default answer to everything and next to impossible to refute - God did it! 

I understand how important the scriptures are for people to have an understanding of life, but I don’t subscribe to the notion that it is the only source for worldly and spiritual knowledge. I’ve learned more from life itself than any words written in a book, so I believe experiences and how you handle adversity either builds character and self-worth or exposes a person who practices the destructive ways of self-deceit.  

Religion may be a prison for “free thinkers”, but it can also serve as a place of refuge for those who simply do not want overly in-depth answers to extremely complex questions. They may just want a ready made and easily relatable protocol to life. An analogy can be made using math as an example. There are those who settle on algebra as the limit of their mathematical knowledge and application. There are those who go further and use the knowledge acquired from algebra to learn more advanced studies like calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, complex numbers, and so on. Then there are those who can careless about any of this; they just do them in the barest way possible.   

Also, conformity plays a crucial role in leading many hearts to accept certain religious rhetoric as absolute truth, even if their mind says otherwise. By sincerely wanting to follow what has been traditionally passed down to them, some adherents refuse to venture off on their own studies outside of where they were originally based. It takes fortitude to seek beyond what’s been given by venturing forth on the road less traveled.  

Then there are those who have gone through traumatic experiences and turned to religion in order to cope and use it as a crutch to get by in life. If it works for the betterment of an individual, then it’s definitely a worthwhile medium to use for healing. 

In the end there are those who seek truth and those who think they found it. I’d rather be a part of the seekers, because truth is all around us, but our view of it increases with our willingness to be open minded. This leads to incremental increases in our perception and awareness of ourselves and world at large, while maintaining humility in knowing how much we still don’t know and also knowing when it’s time to unlearn what no longer works.

Sometimes the Golden Rule is not so golden

As the saying goes: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” I respect and do my best to abide by this maxim for reciprocity of positivity and growth, however, there are those who choose to do otherwise. This comes to mind when considering another saying: "Misery loves company." If someone loves misery, wouldn’t that mean they would cause misery to others in order to receive more of the same? Wouldn’t this be a twisted version of the Golden Rule? Basically it then becomes fool’s gold, because only a fool can cause misery to others and love doing so.

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